Helping customers reduce costs without sacrificing service

Our customers rely on us to handle their most delicate and valuable items.  We understand the importance of our role to deliver our customer's goods in the same condition it was in their facility.

There are numerous factors that help shape the best packaging solution.  For example, the lab test rack shown below is roughly 7' tall.  If this was being shipped within the US, it would have likely been shipped upright, but this was going overseas.  Crating the cabinet upright would have exceeded the maximum height for most cargo flights.  The limited service would have extended the transit time and been extremely expensive. - 


To avoid these issues, we worked with the manufacturer to see if the cabinet can be laid down.  Since this was discussed before the item was completed, they were able to make some minor design changes to avoid the concerns with shipping it this way.  When it came time that the unit was ready to ship, knowing upfront that were were able to lay it down minimized the time required for us to prepare it for shipping. That, along with the increased access to flights, reduced the overall transit time from our customer to their customer overseas. 

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