Freight Forwarding

Whether you need Pack & Crate Only or Transportation Only services, you can count on Craters & Freighters, America’s leader in Specialty Freight solutions.

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Freight forwarding

What may be complicated for some, we make simple for you. For example, we understand wood packaging restrictions for export shipments, and the methods of securement for your product. We are fully aware of security clearance issues for air shipments. In short, you can trust Craters & Freighters New York City for the expertise required to give you full confidence with every freight forwarding project.

Transportation Only

Craters & Freighters New York City can quote transportation services only, however we prefer to also do the crating to ensure proper packaging and to reduce the risk of damage during transport. Please note we have volume-based National and International rates that give us very competitive prices with common carriers.

Pack & Crate Only

There are many ways we can make life simpler for you. Craters & Freighters New York City can crate one item or many items; we can crate in our warehouse or at your place of business. We build custom containers that meet industry standards as well as the specific requirements of your products. We can even bring custom-made empty crates to you!

Even if you have a regular carrier, we suggest you give us an opportunity to quote the shipping portion of your project. You may be pleasantly surprised at our combined crating and shipping price.

Package, crate and ship your valuables with Craters & Freighters New York City by Requesting a Quote today! Craters & Freighters has the expertise that delivers!

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